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Mitarbeiter CronoLogo is a product of its contributors: researchers and scientists who offer here their articles about historical subjects. Most of them share some basic views about the outreach of chronological critics and about methodology, but by no means they have to agree always - you'll find on this site different proposals and even polemics among the contributors.

The map at the right shows the contributors of CronoLogo. By clicking on the small image yo'll be taken to the author's biography. Below you'll find a more detailed list with the number of papers published on this site.

There are of course many more researchers who contribute to the debate and are active in the field of chronological critics, without sharing the views expressed on CronoLogo. Some of them have their own websites. Our list of Other Authors offers an overview over these circles; some of them have even published at CronoLogo

For a quick impression about the origen and evolution of chronological critic you should have a glance at our Background. A more detailed list of authors of all centuries connected to the chronological debate with short biographic data is available at our Who is who? This list includes not only researchers who have expressed their opposition against the conventional timeframe of History but also authors who have made clear that they do not support the idea of a shortened chronology, but whose works and views are still of a great importance to our research.

BloessChristian Blöss (1957). Berlin (Germany). Physicist.
Contributions: 2. (with Hans-Ulrich Niemitz). Research field: Dating methods, radiocarbon dating.

Ferrin Emilio González Ferrín (1965). Sevilla (Spain). Arabist
Contributions: 1. Expert in: Islam, History of Al-Andalus

Mischa GabowitschMischa Gabowitsch (1977) Moscou, Paris, Berlin. Sociologue.
Contributions: 1. Research field: actual sociology

HaugWalter Haug (1954-2022). Kraichgau (Karlsruhe, Germany). Teacher
Contributions: 6. Research field: Prehistory in Germany and Central Europe.

LülingGünter Lüling (1928-2014). Erlangen (Germany). Arabist.
Contributions: 3. Research field: Islam, History of Religions.

De SarreFrançois de Sarre (1947). Nice (France). Zoologist
Contributions: 3. Research field: Evolution of Man, Geology.

schmidtkl Rainer Schmidt (1952 Gelsenkirchen) Dipl.-Ped., lives in Marl
Contributions: : Hardouin - Bleitafeln von Granada

TabovJordan Tabov (1946). Sofia (Bulgaria). Mathematician
Contributions: 2. Research field: Coins, Maps

TopperUwe Topper (1940). Berlin (Germany). Writer
Contributions: 46. Research field: Calendar, Prehistory, Middle Ages, Fakes, Ancient Astronomy

Ilya U. TopperIlya U. Topper (1972). Madrid (Spanien). Journalist
Contributions: 6. Research field: Calendar, Islam.

TschurilowAndreas Tschurilow Deggendorf (Germany). Engineer
Contributions: 1. Research field: Pompeii

WagnerKarin Wagner Ettlingen (Germany). Teacher and Researcher
Contributions: 1. Research field: Middle Ages in Italy and France

WinzelerPeter Winzeler Biel (Schweiz). Theologian
Contributions: 4. Research field: History of Religions.