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peter winzeler Born: 1957 in Kiel [Germany]
Works as: Physicist
Lives in: Berlin [Germany]

Christian Blöss is a physicist and lives in Berlin. Since the nineteen-eighties he is an outspoken critic of the theory of evolution as fixed by Darwin and Haeckel and focusses on catastrophes caused by planets. Together with Christoph Marx, Gunnar Heinsohn and Heribert Illig, Blöss started in 1982 the work at the Society for the Reconstruction of the the History of Nature and Mankind (GRMNG), which he led as a vice-president. He joined Uwe Topper and Hans-Ulrich Niemitz to found the Berliner Geschichtssalon (BGS) in 1994.

Several years, Blöss worked together with Niemitz on a critical review of dating methods such as radiocarbon dating and dendrochronology. Their book C-14 Crash shows that this kind of methods can't be relied on.

His mathematical arguments deconstruct scholarly conventions and shed light on their weak points. Blöss' latest book 'Ceno-Crash' presents a new, shortened chronology for the geological epochs of the Earth. It eliminates thus the unjustified millions of years suggested by Darwin and Lyell. The 65.000.000 years of the Tertiary Age are to be supressed from the tables.

Currently, Blöss runs the bookshop "Die Pyramide" in Berlin, where frequent cultural events are held. See his homepage: www.cbloess.de.

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