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On this page you find a list of scholars who participate recently in the debate about a new, shortened chronology, but does not adhere to the guidelines shared by newchronology's contributors. This list tries to offer some background information about contemporary scholars who are frequently quoted or referred to in our articles. By clicking on the name you'll be transferred to a short biographical review. You'll find here also articles written by scholars who oppose the idea of a shortened chronology and try to show the weakness of our arguments by debating our theories.

Christoph Däppen - author of two books on Nostradamus and Nicolaus Cusanus, he lives in Switzerland.
Hermann Detering - Theologist. His site radikalkritik.de analyses the history of Christian religion and the Bible.
Anatoly Fomenko - Russian mathematician; established the statistical analyses of History.
Horst Friedrich (†)- Scientist. Diversas obras sobre el paradigma nuevo en historiografia
Eugen Gabowitsch (†) - Mathematician and computer expert, helped to spread Fomenko's views in Germany.
Mischa Gabowitsch - Sociologist. Studied in Paris and works currently at Princeton University, USA.
Gernot L. Geise - Publisher of the Efodon-Synesis magazine, which includes articles about shortened chronology.
Gunnar Heinsohn - Sociologist. His book "The Sumerians didn't exist" (1988) was the basis to review the chronology of the Middle East.
Heribert Illig - Publisher and researcher. Publishes the bulletin "Zeitensprünge". His best-nown theory proposes 297 fictional years in the Middle Ages.
Paul C. Martin - Economist. Expert for numismatics.
Christoph Marx (†)- Computer expert. Researches the electromagnetical reasons for cataclysms.
Gert Meier - Lawyer. Writes about different subjects of early history.
Zainab Angelika Müller - Teacher. Writes about the history of religions.
Hans-Ulrich Niemitz (†) - Professor for technology. Researches dating methods (together with C. Blöss)
Andreas Otte - dipl. informatician, directing the websites of Illig as well as his own one on the elctric universe.
Christoph Pfister - Teacher. Proposes that written history does not start until the 17th century.
Thomas Riemer (†)- Researches the 'keltenschanzen' (Celtic square structures) in Germany.
Ulrich Voigt - Mathematician and calendar expert. He opposes a shortened chronology.
Clark Whelton - american researcher with critical new ideas concerning chronology.
Wolfram Zarnack - Physicist. Writes about history of religions under the heading of the new chronology.

Some of these authors have published sporadic contributions at newchronology. Their papers can be accessed also through the full list at the Library.

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Gunnar Heinsohn
Heinsohn Stratigraphy and Chronology of Ancient Jerusalem Antiquity Dating
Gert Meier
Meier Betrachtungen zur Zeitfälschung Renaissance Books


Fomenko und die "Neue Chronologie"
Prehistory General
Z. A. Müller
Müller Karl der Große und Harun al-Raschid Middle Ages Islam