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Ilya U. Topper Born: 1972 in Almería [Spain]
Occupation: Journalist
Lives in: Madrid [Spain]

As a son of the German anthropologist Uwe Topper, Ilya has been raised in Morocco. Since 1994 he lives as a journalist in Spain, where he has worked for several development NGOs; from 2005 until 2008 he was the editor of the World News section of the weekly magazine La Clave, based in Madrid.

His journalistic publications focus mainly on the Arab-Islamic World, which he visits and studies since his youth (he has traveled to Lebanon, Palestine, Irak, Syria, Turkey etc.)
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In 1994, Ilya gets in contact with the German group of researchers who put in doubt the conventional chronological model. He participates in the debate and specialises on the Arab and Islamic world, the Arab-Andalusian coins and so on, a task that is eased by his knowledge of Arabic. He also works with Uwe Topper on the problem of the development of our Calendar.

In 2005, Ilya creates and launches the newchronology website; as its webmaster he is responsible for the structure of the site.

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