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Jordan TabovBorn: 1946 in Sofia [Bulgaria]
Profession: Mathematician
He lives in: Sofia [Bulgaria]

Prof. Dr. Jordan Tabov is director for the ressorts education in mathematics and informatics of the Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Tabov’s main occupations are the application of mathematics to human sciences, especially to historiography and chronology. In September 1998 Tabov founded in Sofia the seminary "Anachronisme" to promote debate and research concerning chronology. This seminary meets regularly twice a month.

Articles on Newchronology: 2

Tabov has published many articles in Bulgarian and Russian in specialised periodicals. Among those concerning our study we mention his findings regarding the chronological dispersement of coins in ancient Bulgaria, as well as dates mentioned in Bulgarian manuscripts, and traditions regarding solar eclipses, etc.

Prof. Dr. Tabov received prices such as a bronce medal at the 7th International Olympics of Mathematics in Berlin (1965), and the Paul-Erdos-Award of the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (1994).
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