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Andreas Tschurilow Born: 1962 in Astana (Kasakhstan) - died on 0ct. 22nd, 2013 in Baviera, Germany
Occupation: Engineer
Lived in: Deggendorf [Germany]

Andreas Tschurilow was an engineer (TU degree) and lived in Deggendorf (Bavaria). In 2008 he researched the ruins of Pompeii and discovered astonishing facts, published in a detailed article on newchronology (as yet only in German).under the heading

Nicht der letzte Tag von Pompeji

See his book still on sale:
Features of the Domenico Fontana's Water Conduit (the Canal of Count Sarno) and the Date of Pompeii Destruction (GRIN editor 2010)

The author had a web-page: tschurilow.de - seems to be no longer online