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Uwe Topper Born: 1940 in Breslau
Occupation: Artist and Writer
Lives in: Berlin [Germany]

Born in 1940 in Breslau, Germany, Topper is an artist and author of a dozen books about art and history in German and Spanish. Some of them have been translated into Russian, Bulgarian and Hungarian (and recently even into Korean). He lives in Berlin/Germany as a self-subsistent artist, writes freelance in several reviews of historical interest and delivers speeches in German, English and Spanish in some small circles interested in history.

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Uwe Topper never was called to academic honors nor awarded prizes. In certain circumstances he moved things by promoting scientific gatherings; some perpetuated and still function today in small groups.

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For his articles on anthropological subjects see www.ilya.it/antropologo

Art products of Uwe Topper - uto - are to be seen hier www.ilya.it/uto

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