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Walter Haug Born: 1954
Activity: Teacher
Lives in: Walzbachtal (Kraichgau) [Germany]
Mail: walha1aarrobaaol.com

K. Walter Haug teaches German Language and Fine Arts; he is also activ as a journalist, designer, industry commercial and sculptor. Since the eighties he is busy in the subjects of old astronomy, ley-lines, megalithic cultures in Eurooe and the chronological problems of history. Since 1990 he explores the cairns in Kraichgau and Zabergäu, two regions in southern Germany, and the pyramids in the necropolises, build in the rock, in the region of Rhine and Neckar. He is also interested in Celtic, Asiatic and North African history and considers the possibility of a cataclysm at the beginning of the Christian aera. Contributions
to newchronology:

Haug gave the initial impuls to found the association Celtica Vips, which he leads, since its creation, as its manager and scientific adviser. He organised excavations of the above-mentioned megalithic necropolises and participated in the discovery of several burial chambers in those. Since 2006 he participates in the prospection of those chambers, together with the Geophysical Institut of the Karlsruhe University, and in the geo-electrical measurements. He supports private activities for the detection of gamma-radiation at the Bärenstein-Cairn in Horn (Westphalia).

Haug has published many articles about these monuments of an forgotten megalith culture, several of them in ' Zeitschrift für Kosmosophie', 'Magazin für Grenzwissenschaften', 'Efodon-Synesis' and 'CELTICA'. He authors also the website Megalith-Pyramiden, which offers many information about the German cairns, also articles in English go

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go 2002: Megalithic cairns and stone chambers in Germany

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