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Welcome to CronoLogo ! How old is our History?

New articles: Dante-Year - Cart-ruts - Heinsohn - Velikovsky

CronoLogo is an initiative, founded in 2005, for a new and critical view on our History. It reflects the work of a growing movement of researchers who analyzed all conventional data of our past with a critical look. The aim is to know when the chronology, as it is nowadays taught in schools, was first established, and with what purpose, which mistakes were made and how much of it is based on facts as opposed to fakes.

The criticism of chronology is not something entirely new: at any moment in history we find researchers who questioned the conventional ideas of the timeframe used by historiographers. Dates for ancient civilizations have been corrected more than once and sources have been analyzed in a critical way. Finally, no century is free of fakes which more often than not tried to offer a view of History in line with certain ideologies.

CronoLogo publishs regularly research work about these subjects. Not only the dates of history are questioned, but also whole sets of ideas, anchored in our collective conscience. At the Library you'll find the complete list of all works published. Below is a list of some of the last articles put online.

This web has undergone major changes of design in 2009, yet many articles are offered in the old layout.

Since three years we bring go actualities, (have a look at 2021)




We have also started an Archive of old articles

Month   Author Title Epoch Subject
March 2022 Uwe Topper Ilya and Uwe Topper Priests or Priestesses? Neither! General Counting
March 2022 Uwe Topper Topper Monaldi & Sorti: Mysterium. A short review Modern Dating
Septembre Uwe Topper Topper Putting questions to Gunnar Heinsohn Middle Ages Dating
March 2021 Uwe Topper Topper Joshua - When the Sun Stood Still General Catastrophism
January 2021 Uwe Topper Topper Velikovsky on Trial Present Catastrophism
January 2021 Uwe Topper Topper Vitruvius, the literary architect Renaissance Fake
December 2020 Uwe Topper Topper Leo Wiener, a pioneer halfway through Antiquity Review
Mai 2020 Uwe Topper Topper Dante's life dates Renaissance Dating
April 2020 Uwe Topper Topper Dante portrayed by Duerer Renaissance Dating
March 2020 Uwe Topper Topper History through the filter of the 19th century Present Historiography
February 2020 Uwe Topper Topper False Witnesses by H. Detering Antiquity Review
January 2020 Uwe Topper Topper Dr.Hermann Detering has died Present Obituary
March 2019 Uwe Topper Topper Finding the age by using the angle of the ecliptic all epochs Astronomy
spring 2019 Uwe Topper Topper Labyrinths - Ritual to overcome trepidation early ages Astronomy
October 2018 Uwe Topper Topper The Celtic Myth. Review of a French book all epochs History
April 2018 Uwe Topper Topper The Diminishing obliquity of the Earth all epochs Astronomy
February 2018 Peter Winzeler Winzeler Winzeler's juxtaposition of the theses of Topper and Heinsohn 1st millennium Dating
February 2018 Uwe Topper Topper Gunnar Heinsohn's new thesis in contrast to Uwe Topper's 1st millennium Dating
September 2017 heinsohnm Heinsohn Letter to Heribert Illig's birthday Middle Ages General
November 2016 Uwe Topper Topper The Solar Year Cross - new book of Uwe Topper all epochs summary
November 2016 Uwe Topper Topper The negation of true science Middle Ages book review
June 2016 Ilya U. Topper Ilya Jolts and gaps in historical chronology Present new book
Mai 2016 Uwe Topper Topper et al. Our friend, the revolutionary Christoph Marx, has passed away Present Obituary
December 2015 Uwe Topper Topper Our colleague Dr. Horst Friedrich has passed away Present Obituary
Uwe Topper Topper Lüling has passed away (Obituary) Present Obituary
November 2015 Uwe Topper Topper Rock tracks or "Cart ruts" remain enigmatic Prehistory Catastrophes
February 2015
Uwe Topper
Topper The prophecy of Saint Malachy of Ireland Present General
February 2015
Uwe Topper
Topper On the Age of Palaeolithic Cave Painting Prehistory Dating
October 2014
Uwe Topper
Topper Astronomical Dating of proto-historical remains is contradictory Prehistory Dating
Uwe Topper Topper Oswald Spengler's Vision of the Chronological Evolution Present Criticism
January 2014
Ilya U. Topper
Ilya The Phantasy Year of the Amazigh Present Calendar
February 2014
Uwe Topper
Topper Siepe, Franz and Ursula. Review of their article of 1998 Renaissance Review
December 2013
Uwe Topper Topper Chronology criticism has reached France Present Criticism
February 2011
Uwe Topper Topper Easter dates in an inscription at Perigueux Middle Ages Calendar
May 2010
Uwe Topper
Topper Eudoxus' Star Catalogue - how old is it really? Antiquity Astronomy
October 2009
Heinsohn Stratigraphy and Chronology of Ancient Jerusalem Antiquity Dating
June 2009
Ilya U. Topper
Ilya Calendar and precession jolt General Calendar
July 2007
Uwe Topper
Topper The Canary Islands, forgotten for a millennium? Middle Ages Dating
June 2007
Uwe Topper
Topper Lacunza and his influence Present Catastrophes
May 2007
Uwe Topper
Topper Swift and the Martian moons Renaissance Astronomy
April 2007
Uwe Topper
Topper The Almanac, Galileo and the Precession Jolt Renaissance Astronomy
June 2005
Uwe Topper
Topper Lüling - an orientalist against the mainstream Present Islam