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Berlin · 2021   Uwe Topper topper

Here are the headlines:

Sensation: At last background of the elusive Robert Baldauf found!

On a website that is difficult to find: “Occam meets Pooh” (whatever can that mean?), a chronology critic, who has not shown up before, has solved the riddle of this enigmatic person Robert Baldauf! He is often seen as a somewhat quirky successor to Jean Hardouin's line. But Robert Baldauf, was not actually as we had been led to believe, namely a professor or lecturer in Basel. During my researches in Basel twenty years ago at that university, in the library and print shop, with the help of Christoph Marx, we couldn’t succeed in unraveling the secret of who he really was.

Now Rainer Schmidt tells us this: We meet Baldauf from 1904 as a Fouilleton editor, reporting general cultural entertainment news, at the Frankfurter Zeitung (todays FAZ), who died there in 1918, at the age of 37 possibly from the then rampant flu. Rainer Schmidt, refers primarily to the work of Andreas Volkart (?), and makes Baldauf's circumstances clearer, but by thoroughly examining his two works, very popular in our circle, exposes their weaknesses.

In the end, there is little more available from Baldauf's declarations than a vision which is scientifically useless for our work. Pioneers of chronological criticism such as Zainab Angelika Müller (ZS 1996, p. 533) had welcomed Baldauf's suggestions and incorporated them into the overall concept of medieval falsification. So did I in my first book on the subject: "The Great Action" (1998, pp. 16-20). (Schmidt, note 2, only cites Paul C. Martin ZS 2000, p. 639-661).
This will now have to be revised, because Rainer Schmidt's arguments are sound in a way that, until now, such counter-opinions have hardly been expressed.

I owe this reference to the website (cenith.net) to Peter Winzeler.

English translation of Rainer Schmidt's text here

More headlines:

Walter Haug and his team have discovered more cairns in Germany and present them with better techniques
go Walter Haug: Megalith-Pyramiden
"Die Pyramide von Walheim a. N. mit der Drohne gefilmt"

Dominique Goerlitz is going to build his fifth boat of the Abora-series in order to demonstrate prehistoric seafaring on the Mediterraneum and Atlantic Ocean
go Pyramiden auf den Azoren im Atlantik.

Vitruvius wrote his Ten Books on Architecture 500 years ago The literary architect Vitruvius
"The famous ten books about architecture by Roman author Vitruvius, supposedly contemporary to Augustus, are read with pleasure even today, because they contain curious opinions about the architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans."
This much I wrote 15 years ago, still puzzeled by the enigmatic discrepancies in the book of Vitruvius. Now we have come some steps nearer to the solution of the puzzle (see here).

go Velikovsky on Trial

Recently three essays have appeared in the C&C Review of SIS (Society for Intedisciplinary Studies) that expose Velikovsky's fundamental error and deprive him of his oldest assumption, namely that the Exodus report of the Bible goes back to a series of cosmic upheavals that can be dated and historically recognized.
I recommend reading those articles and give a short introduction to them.
Result: In the written sources used by Velikovsky, there is no causal connection between comets and catastrophes.

go Joshua - When the Sun Stood Still

Matching the previous post "Velikovsky on Trial": here comes an examination of the reality value of the Joshua verses as Velikovsky understood them.
Short introduction to the examination how this topic developed as given more extensely in Topper's book : Jahrkreuz.

Just a little joke that fits my five contributions concerning the age of Dante:

The trial in which Dante was sentenced to exile - otherwise he was threatened with the death penalty - is being rolled out again, which made headlines in the Italian press (up to Berlin: Tagesspiegel of March 21, 2021). The descendant of Dante, the well-known astrophysicist Sperello di Serego Alighieri, who will appear in this humorous show, says of himself that he is Dante's descendant in the 19th generation, his son is the 20th and his grandson the 21st generation since the famous Poet. A generation usually is counted as 30 years (Newton did that), then 19 generations result in 570 years. If one subtracts 570 from 1952 (year of birth of Sperello), the result for Dante's year of birth is 1382 AD, much closer than the official calculation. Thirty years for a generation is, however, high. One would have to know the individual ancestral chain of Sperello di Serego.

go Dante - a new dating
go Hardouin's doubts about Dante's age
go Dante's life dates
go Dante portrayed by Duerer: Concerning the Date of Dante
go Dante's time in a commentary from 1546

and further on: The Italian government decrees that March 25th will be National Dante Day, it will be “a day to remember in all of Italy and the world Dante's genius". The idea came from «Corriere della Sera» and is celebrated this year 2021 on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of his death. go read my comment on it.

Nekrolog, just found out: the tireless researcher, creator of the best website concerning Atlantis research, Bernhard Beier, died on January 29, 2021 at the age of 60 in the midst of his work. Here is the obituary by Dominique Görlitz (https://atlantisforschung.de/index.php?title=Nachruf_auf_Bernhard_Beier_von_Dr._Dominique_G%C3%B6rlitz)
as well as that of Roland Horn, his closest colleague and continuer of his life's work
(http://www.atlantis-forschung.de/index.php?title=Nachruf_auf_Bernhard_Beier_von_Roland_M._Horn) both articles with English translation.

Discovered on internet an interesting blog by Jef Demolder:
Whoever Jef Demolder might be – I didn't find a clue so far – he has real insight into the results of history criticism and especially into Edwin Johnson's findings.
This brief resume of his works with short comentaries is worth reading! go for Demolder on Johnson

We are putting some questions to Gunnar Heinsohn and his shortening the Middle Ages by 700 years: go See here

A new contributor is helping with English translations: Nick Weech from Scotland. He has translated Topper's review on
go Wilhelm Kammeier (from 2002) . More of his translations of our articles are ready:
go "How can 65 million years vanish completely?" A review of the revolutionary book of Chr. Bloess: Ceno-Crash (Berlin 2000) -
go and Topper's Review of Velikovsky's last book: Mankind in Amnesia
<<and soon more>>

Our archive is growing. Who is still interested today in a book that appeared almost 50 years ago? And whose author had to revise some of his views during this time, especially the chronological order? The book is searched for especially in Spain, the location the book is mainly talking about. There a new generation of reasearchers of rock art, rock tracks and other prehistoric remains has enthusiastically started working. Look here for an introductory article with an evaluation of what is still valid and what has been revised.

I would like to write a comment to this text: