Jolts and gaps in historic chronology

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Ilya U. Topper 2016 ilya pq .

Jolts and gaps in historic chronology
Announcement of the new book of Uwe Topper: „Das Jahrkreuz“

ISBN 978-3-89180-154-3

Jahrkreuz Titel Entwurf

Research into history since the beginning of the 20th century suggests that disasters of global scale influenced the movement of the earth and altered time-reckoning. Those jolts largely destroyed civilisations so man had to begin from scrap again. Thus so far unsolved mysteries of history can be explained as being caused by catastrophic events.

Uwe Topper, basing his quest on results of international history analysis, has taken a new step: By evaluating ancient and Arab astronomy records and how they were understood in the Renaissance it becomes clear that since "Babylonian times" repeated accidents of the earth caused the destruction of civilizations and enforced new beginnings. Although this had been already apparent by chronological investigation since Isaac Newton, an explanation of the process itself had been lacking. How does the earth move during a jump and how does this change the basic elements of time-reckoning?
Astronomical studies of European and American scientists provide the necessary basis for a comprehensive view of the mechanism of those disasters. From the writings of Copernicus to Velikovsky and Christoph Marx, Uwe Topper has united the main discoveries and presents a comprehensive picture of the astronomical development from megalithic times to the present day. After more than four decades pursued research he now succeeded in another breakthrough: Precession jolts of the earth can be demonstrated not only far back in geological time but by also by documents in the course of history since the Greeks.
For the moment, alas, the book appears only in German, an go English summary has recently been installed.

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