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a life between Hindu Kush, Atlas Mountains and Berlin

Uwe Topper - not to be confused with the well-known journalist Ilya U. Topper, who works for EFE in Istanbul and is responsible for these websites: Uwe Topper is the father of Ilya – so well: Uwe Topper (uto) painter and draftsman, writer and poet, explorer and anthropologist, exhibits his art work here, albeit the selection – how could it be otherwise after such a "moving" curriculum vitae – results rather coincidental like snapshots. He shows works that were left over, thus came on the website, and manuscripts edited as books by respected publishers such as Rowohlt and Hugendubel, and poems that can still be relevant today – all this is due to capricious fate and by no means representative. Only due to the versatile activities of uto are some pieces still preserved.
Have a look at selected oil paintings, water colours, drawings, wood prints (xylographs), reliefs etc. as on the panel on top

Short biography:
Uwe Topper is born in Breslau in 1940,
graduated from high school in Cologne in 1960 and since then has traveled extensively in Europe, South Asia and North Africa.
In 1977, his first book was published as the result of many research journeys (title would read in English, but alas the book is not translated):
The Legacy of the Giants (Walter publishing house, Olten, Switzerland) with approximately 40,000 copies sold, quite a lot for a book of this kind of cultural history.
In 1988, Rowohlt published "Rebirth", 10,000 copies, which was again remarkable. Twenty years later, in 2008, "Rebirth. The Knowledge of the Peoples" appeared in 2nd edition.
Of at least 15 books (8 of which were translated into foreign languages) only the youngest child is mentioned here:
2016: The Solar Year Cross. Jolts over time (Hohenrain, Tübingen), not translated so far.

Some fotos of uto are shown here portrait uto Belgienkl

uto illustrated most of his books which also star own photos. All hand-made poetry booklets bear drawings or xylographs.
A list of books by Uwe Topper can be found here.
Overview of Uwe Topper's anthropological research here.
During the last 25 years Topper concentrated on analyzing the chronology of our historiography developping special new theories together with a group of colleagues result of which is a steadily growing website in four languages.

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