uto's log

Just some fotos that have been preserved in the course of years, partly because they were published then.

First: from Penang (then also called George-Town in Malaya) 1963, made by a Chinese professional fotographer.

I sent it to my parents and they saved it.

In those times fotos were made once in a while, and one had to wait until they were developed.
This one was taken by my wife in 1964:

The following one was included in a catalogue of an exhibition in Spain
Uwe Topper and his wife :


Many years later, in 1993, this foto was published:

uto Hugendubel 1993left: for advertising my new book in Hugendubel Verlag 1993
and this one for Diederichs Verlag portraituto93

uto bei Märch

Newspaper clip "uto, cosmopolitan" (Berlin, 21. 4. 1994)

Ten years later 2003, in Spain:


Hereunder a paperclip from Belgium where I gave a lecture on my book "Fälschungen der Geschichte" in 2005 :



playing chess 2006

Painting a watercolor in Istanbul 2018:


and finally a snapshot of uto :

uto 2014
Foto RF

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