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Born in 1940 in Breslau, Germany, Topper is an artist and author of a dozen books about art and history in German and Spanish. Some of them have been translated into Russian, Bulgarian and Hungarian (and recently even into Korean).

He lives in Berlin/Germany as a self-subsistent artist, writes freelance in several reviews of historical interest and delivers speeches in German, English and Spanish in some small circles interested in history.

His career is rather monotonous: He never was called to academic honors nor awarded prices. In certain circumstances he moved things by promoting scientific gatherings; some perpetuated and still function today in small groups.

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The Age of the paleolithic rock paintings The Cave of Chauvet in France is obviously a fake · What is the real age of Altamira and Lascaux? Uwe Topper
2002 · 4 pages

The Almanach, Galilei and the Precession jolt Ibn 'Asim's Almanach (written in Cordoba around 1000 AD) seems to apply Gregorian dates Uwe Topper
2007 · 6 pages
The Beowulf Epic a Fake! The Beowulf Epic was not written in the 11th century (nor in the 8th) but rather in the 17th. Uwe Topper
2001 · 1 page
The Calendar Nonsens A critical review of the international bestseller by D. E. Duncan "The Calendar" (1998) · This book doesn't even apply simple mathematics Uwe Topper
2000· 1 page
The Calendar and Gregor's Reform The Calendar and Gregor's Reform 1582 · The precession and the week · Cosmic Catastrophes in the 13th and 14th century With Ilya Topper
2004 · 7 pages

Cataclysms are the reason for our wrong chronology Ancient astronomical observations show that the Earth has made several 'jolts'
Uwe Topper
2008 · 8 pages

Computists and Chronology The medieval computist monks created a network of 'important' years with symbolic numbers, such as 666, 369, 963...
Uwe Topper
2006 · 2 pages

A Courageous woman in wild times Obituary for the French Anthropologist Germaine Tillion Uwe Topper
2008 · 2 pages
Chronological Problems im Islamic History Review of a book by Y. Seddik · 600 void years in Arabia · The pilgrimage to Mecca as a fertility rite Uwe Topper
2005 · 5 pages
Chronology and Catastrophs A review of the book by Heribert Illig (1992) · The history of Egypt and the Near East must be shortened by several thousand years Uwe Topper
2001 · 5 pages
Dacqué: Ancient World, Myths and Mankind The surprising ideas of the geologist Edgar Dacqué (1924) · Man as the evolution's basic form · Catastrophs Uwe Topper
n/d · 4 pages

Dante - a new date for the poet Dante must have lived in the 15th century, as his ideas show · Ivanov's interpretation of astronomic hints in the Divine Comedy Uwe Topper
2007 · 4 pages
Dendl and his circular arguments The Church did not date the Council of Nicaea · Important dates of the Middle Ages are the result of religious number games Uwe Topper
2004 · 3 pages
Dendl: his other mistakes The Gregorian Reform and the Easter date · The Jewish Calendar, fixed at a late moment · The 'Fourteen-debate' Topper/ Topper
2005 · 4 pages
The ERA, a Medieval Chronological Reckoning Inscriptions in churches and tombstones with the Spanish ERA-date · Blank spaces · Too many fakes Uwe Topper
2006 · 4 pages
Fakes in Anatolia The British archeologist J. S. Mellaart (1960) has invented several ancient civilisations in Anatolia · Çatal Hüyük · A treasure never seen Uwe Topper
2002· 2 pages
Glacial Cosmogony Hanns Hörbiger's ideas about ice in the cosmos ('Welt-eislehre') · The Earth is receiving cosmic ice · Geological events happen abruptly Uwe Topper
n/d · 3 pages
The Heathen Religion of Europe Animal Style on archaic churches · The heathen society of knights in Europe · Dualism · The influence of Central Asia Uwe Topper
2001 · 9 pages

History critics in the Romance countries In Spain or France, chronology is still not challenged, but there are works critical with the mainstream view of history Uwe Topper
2005 · 5 Seiten
James and the Ghost Centuries "Ghost centuries" in the early Bronce Age · A review of the book by Peter James (1991) Uwe Topper
2001 · 2 pages
Japan - Is It All Faked? The leading japanese archaeologist Fujimura has faked 42 excavations · The whole Palaeolithic Age in Japan is now under doubt Uwe Topper
2002 · 1 page

Kalendersprung - an annex Corrections, explanations and revised thoughts referred to the book 'Kalendersprung' (Tübingen 2006) by U. Topper Uwe Topper
2001 · 4 Seiten
Kammeier and the Faking of the Middle Ages The forgotten critical researcher Wilhelm Kammeier (1930) · All documents from the Middle Ages are fakes Uwe Topper
s/d · 9 pages

Lacunza and Lacunzism The Chilean jesuit Manuel Lacunza (1731-1801) offered an interpretation of the Bible as a scientific account of cataclysms Uwe Topper
2007 · 4 pages

The Lady of Elche is a Fake, too Supposedly a masterpiece of early Iberian art, the Lady of Elche was faked in the 19th century

Uwe Topper
2001 · 1 page
Lüling: an Orientalist Against the Stream A review of G. Lüling's theories · The Koran as a collection of ancient Christian songs · Islam, a Christan revolution · Uwe Topper
2005 · 2 pages

Measuring the Earth in Antiquity Were the old Greeks, Romans or Arabs able to calculate the actual circumference of the globe? · Too many mistakes

Uwe Topper
2001 · 7 pages

The Metal Age: a New Vision The transition of Stone Age to Metal Age · A high culture spread over Europe · Wine and beer · Domestic animals · Bell-beaker pottery

Uwe Topper
1999 · 9 pages

Morosow and the Apocalypsis An interpretation of the Apokalypsis based upon astrology · The early Russian critical researcher Nikolaus Morosow (1912)

Uwe Topper
n/d · 2 pages

A New Form of Writing History An abstract of the debate · Faking the sources · The Big Action of the historiographers · Wiping out memory of the Catastroph

Uwe Topper
n/d · 14 pages

Persephone -the fake goddess from Tarent The famous Persephone statue in the Pergamon-Museum in Berlin is a 20th-century-fake Uwe Topper
2000 · 11 pages

A Refutation of the 297-Year-Bolt Ulrich Voigt is right: there cannot have been a 297-year-bolt in the Middle Ages, as Illig tries to show

Uwe Topper
2005 · 10 pages

Statistics and Authorship A mathematical method developed by T. and V. Fomenko can give clues about the authorship of an faked or anonym text Uwe Topper
2006 · 2 pages

Swift and the Mars' moons How could Jonathan Swift know about the two moons of Mars 150 years before they were discovered? · Kepler's ideas Uwe Topper
2007 · 2 pages
The Tapestry of Bayeux A critical view on the famous rug suggests that it doesn't feature Christian scenes · The England of the 14th century was different Uwe Topper
2001 · 1 page

This Time, 65 Million Years Must Be Suppressed A review of C. Blöss' book "Ceno-Crash" · 65 million years must be eliminated from the Earth's recent history

Uwe Topper
n/d · 3 pages

The Unexplained Cart-Ruts in the Mediterranean Ancient cart-ruts from Spain, Italy and Malta are still a riddle · A cataclysm left its trace
Uwe Topper
2008 · 15 pages

Velikovsky and the Collective Amnesia A review of I. Velikovsky's book "Mankind in Amnesia" (1982) · The repression of collective memory of the catastrophs

Uwe Topper
2005 · 3 pages

Voigt and the year in the head A review of Ulrich Voigt's book about mnemonics and the calendar, 'Das Jahr im Kopf' ( 2003) Uwe Topper
2006 · 2 pages

A Wall Against Dinosaurs The titanic "Heathen Wall" on the Mont Sainte-Odile (Alsace) has been built as a protection against the attacks of dinosaurs

Uwe Topper
2002 · 3 pages

"Zeitensprünge 1/2005": the Review Review of the articles published in the edition 1/2005 of the German quarterly bulletin "Zeitensprünge", published by H. Illig

Uwe Topper
2005 · 6 pages

"Zeitensprünge 2/2005": the Review Review of the articles published in the edition 2/2005 of the German quarterly bulletin "Zeitensprünge", published by H. Illig

Uwe Topper
2005 · 5 pages

Other Publications by Uwe Topper  
  • 1977: Das Erbe der Giganten. Untergang und Rückkehr der Atlanter (Walter Verl. Olten und Freiburg)
  • 1986: Märchen der Berber (Diederichs, Köln)
  • 1988: Wiedergeburt. Das Wissen der Völker (Rowohlt. Reinbek /Hamburg)
  • 1988: Erdbefragung. Anleitung zur Geomantik (Knaur. München)
  • 1988: Arte Rupestre en la Provincia de Cádiz (Diputación de Cádiz, Spain)
  • 1991: Sufis und Heilige im Maghreb. Marokkanische Mystik (Diederichs, Köln)
  • 1993: Das letzte Buch. Die Bedeutung der Offenbarung des Johannes (Hugendubel, München)
  • 1993: Cuentos populares de los Bereberes (Miraguano Ed., Madrid)
  • 1998: Die "Große Aktion". Europas erfundene Geschichte (Grabert, Tübingen)
  • 1999: Erfundene Geschichte. Unsere Zeitrechnung ist falsch (Herbig, München)
  • 2001: Fälschungen der Geschichte. Von Persephone bis Newtons Zeitrechnung (Herbig, München)
  • 2003: horra. Die ersten Europäer (Grabert, Tübingen)
  • 2003: Das Geheimnis des Elsaß. Was geschah damals am Odilienberg? (with Gert Meier and Hermann Zschweigert; Tübingen)
  • 2003: ZeitFälschung. Es begann mit der Renaissance (Herbig, München)
  • 2006: KalenderSprung. Europas Religionswechsel um 1500. (Grabert, Tübingen)
Some books are translated into Russian, Hungarian and Bulgarian