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As a son of the German anthropologist Uwe Topper, Ilya has been raised in Morocco. Since 1994 he lives as a journalist in Spain, where he has worked for several Development NGOs; from 2005 until 2008 he was the editor of the World News section of the weekly magazine La Clave, based in Madrid.

His journalistic publications focus mainly on the Arab-Islamic World, which he visits and studies since his youth (he has traveled to Lebanon, Palestine, Irak, Syria, Turkey etc.)

In 1994, Ilya gets in contact with the German group of researchers who put in doubt the conventional chronological model. He participates in de debate and specialises on the Arab and Islamic world, the arab-andalusian coins and so on, a task that is eased by his knowledge of Arabic. He also works with Uwe Topper on the problem of the development of our Calendar.

In 2005, Ilya creates and launches the Chrono-Logic website; as its webmaster he is responsible for the structure of the site.

Contributions to Chrono-Logic  
As Author
As Coauthor
The Arab dates in the Mediterranean context Thumbstones, coins and manuscripts dated by the Hegira and other Spanish, Christian and Coptic eras Ilya U. Topper
1995 · 7 pages
The Calendar and Gregor's Reform The Calendar and Gregor's Reform 1582 · The precession and the week · Cosmic Catastrophes in the 13th and 14th century With Uwe Topper
2004 · 7 pages
The Christian Koran The theologist G. Lüling shows that the Islam was born as a branch of Jewish-Christian movements · Images of the Holy Virgin in the Kaaba Ilya U. Topper
1994 · 4 pages
Dendl: his other mistakes The Gregorian Reform and the Easter date · The Jewish Calendar, fixed at a late moment · The 'Fourteen-debate' With Uwe Topper
2005 · 4 pages
A Phantom time of 300 years? A critic of Illig's theory of the 'three centuries gap' in the Middle Ages · Spain · Arab coins · Coptic texts · Ethiopian chronicles Ilya U. Topper
1994 · 7 pages
The Sumerians did not exist An abstract of G. Heinsohn's ideas · Lacking stratigraphy · Shortening the History of Mesopotamia and Egypt by 1,000 years · Ilya U. Topper
1994 · 17 pages
The Water Paradise A review of Elaine Morgan's book "The Descent of Woman" (1972) about the evolution of humankind during an aquatic phase Ilya U. Topper 2007 · 4 pages