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The CronoLogo website is created in February, 2005, as an initiative of two people: the German researcher Uwe Topper and the Spanish journalist Ilya U. Topper. Both participate since the 1990s in the debates of a critical review of History. It is a private initiative and has no link whatsoever to any political, religious, economical or ideological group. CronoLogo has no financial assets nor revenues and is financed exclusively by the private means of Uwe and Ilya Topper. In addition, the initiative accepts the unpaid help of both regular contributors and volunteers in the translation of the published texts into several languages.

Here you may read more about Uwe Topper and Ilya U. Topper.

The contributing authors Christian Blöss, K. Walter Haug, Günter Lüling, François de Sarre, Jordan Tabov, Andreas Tschurilow, Karin Wagner and Peter Winzeler support the initiative by offering regularly papers for publishing, but they do not necessarily support or advocate all ideas or views expressed on CronoLogo. This website aims to offer a broad range of ideas, which may very well be in contradiction with each other.

The responsible for the website CronoLogo is:

Ilya U. Topper

All contributions and illustrations on this website, unless otherwise marked, are protected by copyright.