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Middle Ages
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The Middle Ages are hard to define - the term itself shows that this period ist "something between" the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. The articles on this page will show us that maybe there was very little or almost nothing in between.

It might seem, of course, that the Middle Ages are quite well documented. But a huge amount of the monuments we can refer to - diploms, manuscripts, tumbstones... - are fakes. Why such a need to fill the History with newly created documents? What had to be veiled?

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The Beowulf Epic a Fake! The Beowulf Epic was not written in the 11th century (nor in the 8th) but rather in the 17th. Uwe Topper
2001 · 1 page

Charlemagne and Harun ar-Raschid There is no independent source for the 'embassies' which Charlemagen allegedly sent to and received from Bagdad Z. Angelika Müller
1992 · 12 pages

Coin findings in Bulgaria in half a century The coins unearthed in Bulgaria between 1910 and 1959 show that there must be mistakes in the chronology Jordan Tabov
2006 · 13 pages

Coin findings in Bulgaria 1910-1934 The coins unearthed in Bulgaria between 1910 and 1934 show a strange pattern of chronological distribution (PDF-file) Jordan Tabov
2005 · 5 pages

Computists and Chronology The medieval computist monks created a network of 'important' years with symbolic numbers, such as 666, 369, 963...
Uwe Topper
2006 · 2 pages

Dante - a new date for the poet Dante must have lived in the 15th century, as his ideas show · Ivanov's interpretation of astronomic hints in the Divine Comedy Uwe Topper
2007 · 4 pages
Dendl and his circular arguments The Church did not date the Council of Nicaea · Important dates of the Middle Ages are the result of religious number games Uwe Topper
2004 · 3 pages
The ERA, a Medieval Chronological Reckoning Inscriptions in churches and tombstones with the Spanish ERA-date · Blank spaces · Too many fakes Uwe Topper
2006 · 4 pages
The Heathen Religion of Europe Animal Style on archaic churches · The heathen society of knights in Europe · Dualism · The influence of Central Asia Uwe Topper
2001 · 9 pages
Kammeier and the Faking of the Middle Ages The forgotten critical researcher Wilhelm Kammeier (1930) · All documents from the Middle Ages are fakes Uwe Topper
s/d · 6 pages

A New Form of Writing History An abstract of the debate · Faking the sources · The Big Action of the historiographers · Wiping out memory of the Catastroph

Uwe Topper
n/d · 14 pages
A Phantom time of 300 years? A critic of Illig's theory of the 'three centuries gap' in the Middle Ages · Spain · Arab coins · Coptic texts · Ethiopian chronicles Ilya U. Topper
1994 · 7 pages

A Refutation of the 297-Year-Bolt Ulrich Voigt is right: there cannot have been a 297-year-bolt in the Middle Ages, as Illig tries to show

Uwe Topper
2006 · 2 pages
The Tapestry of Bayeux A critical view on the famous rug suggests that it doesn't feature Christian scenes · 14th-century-England was not Christian Uwe Topper
2001 · 1 page