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Dr. phil. Peter Winzeler studied Theology in Zurich following experts of the Old Testaments and the History of Religions as Victor Maag, Hans Heinrich Schmid or Fritz Stolz. The "radical" theologists Gollwitzer und Marquardt, related to the Berlin of the 1968 context, made him rediscover the forgotten socialist and jewish inheritance of the revolutionary Karl Barth (which would made up the subject of his dissertation); professor G. W. Locher made him aquainted with the also forgotten inheritance of Zwingli (which would be his thesis); also Albert Schweitzer is essential reference to him.

Winzeler has been inspired also by Herbert Marcuse and by Jakob Taubes, son of a rabbi. In Berlin he would be confronted with the notorious and methodological antijudaism of the usual historical-critical exegesis. Not long ago, Winzeler was called to the University of Bern, where he works as a professor for Theology of the Reformation and Modern Reformed Theology. The web of the University offers more information about his career and publications.

Since January, 2009, Winzeler works together with Gunnar Heinsohn on the project "Vorsehungsglaube und Chronologiekritik? about Zwingli's view on chronology issues and his contribution to the nowadays generally accepted time frame of history. This research project is part of the University of Bern and continues until 2013.

Winzeler discovered Velikovsky in the eighties; in this moment he started to contribute to the GRMNG, the VFG and (later) the ZS newsletters. Once casting doubt on Velikovsky's chronological fundamentalism when interpreting the Bible, also the fundaments of Ancient History, as laid by Eduard Meyer, appeared to be quite fragiles. On the other hand, Winzeler does not favour some radical solutions as proposed by Christoph Marx, Fomenko etc. In addition he question the sense of a reform of Chronology just for its own sake: what use would it be to deny the existence of Caesar, Augustus or the historical Jesus if it is not regarding the cultural implications for our century? Winzeler would prefer, therefore, to lay the fundament for a post-capitalist (and post-marxist) Economy of the Israelite and democratic Socialism. He considers authors as Marx, Freud and Velikovsky (besides the theologist Karl Barth or the philosopher Levinas) "the great spiritual challenge of any future chronology which tries to escape the narrow compulsions of patriarchate, christianity and global capitalism".

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As Author
The Ancient Times, defeated from the back Review of U. Topper's book "Fälschungen der Geschichte" · The Renaissance faking of Classic Art and texts Peter Winzeler
2005 · 3 pages
Zwingli and his stand on chronology The Swiss Reformer Ulrich Zwingli († 1531) does not refer to the chronology used today nor does he accept the Pope List Peter Winzeler
2005 · 10 pages

Other publications by Peter Winzeler  
  • 1985: "Wer Ursache zum Aufruhr gibt" ((1524), in: Huldrych Zwingli Schriften I, S. 331-426 (for the Zwingli Association edited by Thomas Brunnschweiler et alii, Theol. Verlag Zürich 4 vol.)
  • 1986: Zwingli als Theologe der Befreiung (Basel)
  • 1998: "Losend dem Gotzwort!" G. W. Lochers Bedeutung für die Zwingliforschung. In: Zwingliana XXV, 1998,43-63)

Winzeler contribute on a regular basis to the quarterly newsletter for chronological critic "Zeitensprünge" (ZS, former VFG) published in Gräfelfing / München (Germany) by Heribert Illig)