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Jordan Tabov

[*1946 - Sofia · Bulgaria ]


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, Bulgaria

Jordan Tabov is a mathematician. He helds the position of head of the Department of Education in Mathematics and Informatics at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. His academic degrees are PhD and DrSci. He has recieved several awards, including the Bronze medal from the 7. International Mathematical Olympiad in 1965 in Berlin and the Paul Erdos Award of the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (1994).

Tabov' research focusses mainly on the applications of mathematics in the Humanities (in particular Chronology and History. In September 1998, Jordan Tabov organized in Sofia the Seminar “Anachronisms” for stimulating discussions and investigations related with chronology. Since then, this Seminar is working with meetings twice a month.

Contributions to Chrono-Logic  
As Co-author

Coin findings in Bulgaria in half a century The coins unearthed in Bulgaria between 1910 and 1959 show that there must be mistakes in the chronology Jordan Tabov
2006 · 13 pages

Coin findings in Bulgaria 1910-1934 The coins unearthed in Bulgaria between 1910 and 1934 show a strange pattern of chronological distribution (PDF-file) Jordan Tabov
2005 · 5 pages

Other publications by Jordan Tabov (selection)  
  • 1997: The Fall of Old Bulgaria. (Morang, Sofia; in Bulgarian)
  • 2000: Antic Bulgaria (Pi Si Em-1, Sofia; In Bulgarian)
  • 2003: When were the Rus of Kiev Christianized? ( Neva, St. Petersburg, in Russian)
  • 2003: Chronological Distribution of Information in Historical Texts.(Computer and Humanities, 37; pp 235-240)
  • 2004: Problems of dating crosses from Macedonia (Almanac for New Chronology, 1. In Russian. For download: With K. Vasilev und A. Velchev.
  • 2005: Chronological distribution of the extant Byzantine gold coins. (History,  2-3, 2005, 100-105; in Bulgarian). With D. Dimkova.
  • 2005: Chronological distribution of the extant Byzantine silver coins. (Historical Review, LXI (2005), 3-4, 230-238. (In Bulgarian) With D. Dimkova.
  • 2005: Twelve eclipses from the epoch of Constantine the Great. (Almanac for New Chronology, 3) In Russian. For download: With M. Tomov)
  • 2006: The ‘archaic’ inscription on the ‘big stone cross’ . (Palaeobulgarica XXX (2006), 3, 88-99; in Bulgarian). With N. Todorov.
  • 2006:The Names Macedonia, Romania and Turcia In Old Geographical Maps (a.d. 1450–1750). Review of the National Center for Digitization. Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade. Issue: 8, 2006, 37 – 42. (For download:
  • 2007: From Bandurius’ Imperium Orientale. (Almanac for New Chronology, 5. In Russian. For download:
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